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Psychic Readings

psychic reading in wilkes-barre

Psychic medium readings are for those searching for guidance & insight or to receive messages from loved ones in the spirit world.

Past Life Regression

past life regression in wilkes-barre

 We all have a history. Past Life Regressions help us bring back answers from the past to help us along in our future. 

Akashic Reading

psychic reading in bloomsburg

The Akashic Records contain information about our past, present, and future to guide us along our spiritual journey.


reiki in wilkes-barre

This style of Reiki uses meditation, energy stones, and tuning forks to cleanse & balance the chakras with positive energy.

Reiki & A Reading

psychic reading in pittston,

Reiki & A Reading combines the benefits of energy healing with guidance & insight to begin that new chapter, that new cycle in your life.

Energy Stone Bags

energy stone bags

A special collection of stones & crystals for balance & grounding, love, success, spirituality, & past life recall. All bags are infused with reiki.

Psychic Fairs & Events

psychic readings in allentown

During the year, I attend fairs and events in PA hosted by local holistic shops and centers to offer readings, regressions, or energy stones. 

Online Readings

psychic reading in stroudsburg

Don't understand a dream, we'll decipher it with a Dream Reading. Live outside of PA, request an Email Psychic Reading.

Psychic Store

buy energy stones and holistic products

Find gift certificates, energy stones, books, & other spiritual merchandise in the Psychic Store. Gifts for you and those you love.